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DRS Tools v1.0 – Single License


1x DRS Tools node-locked perpetual license. For individuals or teams of less than 5 members.

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DRS Tools v1.0 is a set of 47 ZBrush functions designed to help you speed up your everyday workflow in ZBrush and save you countless hours especially when it comes to preparing your models for baking your normal maps in a texture baking application like Substance Painter. Exploding your models and creating cages for them in a single click is only a fraction of what this ZBrush plugin can do!

– ZBrush 2019 – 2022 (Windows versions only)
– Compatible with the folder system of ZBrush

– Explode your models and create cages for them with a single click
– 5 Methods for Creating Cages
– Bulk rename your models
– Add Prefix and Suffix
– Bake Layers for multiple subtools
– Enable and disable Polypaint for all visible subtools
– Enable and disable SmoothUV for all visible subtools
– Store, Switch and Delete morph target for multiple visible subtools
– Make a subtool Visible or Invisible by Name
– Make a subtool Visible or Invisible if it’s a Cage
– Make a subtool Visible or Invisible if its number is either Odd or Even in the subtool list
– Duplicate all visible subtools
– Delete all Visible or Invisible subtools
– Match the size between 2 subtools
– Align 2 subtools
– Align every 2 consecutive subtools
– Align a subtool’s morph target to its exploded position.

You will get:
– DRS Tools Plugin
– 1x License Key
– Video Tutorials Link

*The 3D model in the images is not included in the purchase.

The plugin and license are node-locked and can only be used on one computer. If you need to use this plugin on multiple computers then you will need to purchase more licenses. By purchasing this plugin you agree to these terms and conditions.

6 reviews for DRS Tools v1.0 – Single License

  1. manic_artist12 (verified owner)

    Very straightforward plugin. Works like a charm! Its fast and easy for making cages. Any artifacts i got so far were also addressed in the video tutorials. Also it worked without decimating my models and i didnt have to add suffixes on my low and high poly models.

  2. slickfallen (verified owner)

    A bit pricy compared to other plugins but it gets the job done much faster than your regular workflow. Worths the investment!

  3. JohnW83 (verified owner)

    Very fast workflow and works great but the cages created by this plugin rely on your Uvs if you are baking with Substance painter. Make sure you have good UVs on your low poly models in zbrush before running the plugin and you should be good to go!

  4. Katesculpt3d (verified owner)

    I thought the cages looked weird at first but they worked great in Substance Painter and the process is much faster than manually exploding and creating cages.

  5. James_88 (verified owner)

    This is a serious booster for my baking workflow! It’s stable and fast! Good stuff, worth the money.

  6. 3DInferno (verified owner)

    Ok I must say I wasn’t expecting this to work so well. I got frustrated with distortions and artifacts on a model I am currently working on and I stumbled upon this on a FB ad. I tried this one hoping it would offer a solution that I haven’t previously tried. It seemed complicated at first but it’s actually much simpler once you get the hang of it and the tutorials explain the workflow well. It solved my issues almost immediately. A few tweaks here and there but generally a straight forward process. It trimmed hours from my previous workflow. I am impressed! Tested with Zbrush 2020.1 and Substance 2020.1

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